As we all know eyebrows really do frame the face. Wouldn't everyone just love to have perfectly shaped brows without the daily struggle of eyebrow pencils.

Semi permanent make up is a great way to shape and contour the eyebrows as well as adding pigmentation and colour.  It is  a convenient way to keep eyebrows looking beautiful with minimal effort.

Luci Bruce offers a highly skilled precise application of bespoke individual hair stokes ,this technique is tailored to suit your face shape whilst giving a natural finish.

 The procedure involves adding pigmentation to the skin, much like a tattoo. This pigment will stay on the skin for a number of years however it will gradually break down and fade within time, this is why Luci Bruce offers colour boosters to keep your brows looking fresh! 

Permanent make up, also called micro pigmentation, permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing, is a process that involves implanting natural, hypoallergenic pigment into the upper dermis area of the skin using a needle/needles.

How long Semi Permanent Makeup lasts in each individual, depends totally on different factors and lifestyle, prolonged sun exposure, skincare routine, chlorine, saunas, skin peels, and the natural oil content in your skin.

People who have undergone chemotherapy and suffer from alopecia especially benefit from these kinds of treatments, as do those who have become tweezer happy over the years and over plucked their eyebrows on the odd occasion! 

Using perfect bespoke hairstrokes you can have amazing, natural brows that mimic your own natural shape, as well as beautiful eye and lip contouring, enhancing and anti ageing you all at the same time.


Luci Bruce Aesthetics & Beauty is based in West Wickham in Kent covering Bromley, Beckenham, Hayes, West Wickham, Locksbottom, Farnborough Kent, as well as Essex, Surrey, Sutton and London.