Luci Bruce

Serum & Cream Package

£40 £47

2% Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum and Anti-Aging Retinol Cream Package Saving £7

Retinol Cream that combats signs of ageing and reverses skin damage by exposure to the elements. 
Reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines. Improving skin texture, tightens pores and stimulates collagen production. 

Enhanced hydration moisturising formula. 
Deep Hydration, softens and tightens and improves skin resilience. 
Hyaluronic acid know as the most natural moisturising factor in the world, it can bind upto 1000 times it’s weight in water, improving water content of the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
Vitamin C is a vital molecule for skin health, an antioxidant that aids your skins natural regeneration process, whilst hydrating, nourishing and brightening at the same time.

This skin plumping serum delivers intense moisture to treat skin irritation and dryness. 



Apply the desired amount of serum evenly into clean skin then apply a pea sized amount of Retinol cream onto dry skin using fingertips and smooth over face and neck in gentle circular motions.  

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